Richmonds Industries Inc.

"Non-ferrous Castings Are Our Business"

Richmond Industries, Inc. is a modern, high production non-ferrous foundry founded in 1959 located in Dayton, New Jersey.
Richmonds Building.
Our Mission is two-fold:
       To serve our customers' casting needs to their satisfaction
       Do our part to maintain and enhance the manufacturing process here in the United States
We at Richmond Industries, Inc. are keenly aware that domestic buyers are being forced into sourcing overseas due to constant "pricing" pressure placed upon them.

In many instances, (not all), Richmond Industries, Inc. can, and is willing to compete.
How do we compete?
       By continued automation and improvement of the casting process.
       By looking at the casting process as a system - not purely as pricing a product.
       By employing individuals who share our vision of the manufacturing process.
We are looking for those companies who share this perspective.

Richmond Industries, Inc. is looking forward to serving your company.

For inquiries please contact Keith DiGrazio - General Manager.

1 Chris Court, Dayton, NJ 08810
Tel. (732) 355-1616                                       Fax. (732) 355-1617