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We can cast from ounces up to 2,000 lbs and a single piece up to thousands.

Alloys – 836, 873, 89833, 913, 922, 116, 955, copper – eight main alloys are poured, but special alloys can be used upon request. Click here for a list of alloys we pour.

Sand casting to commercial or government specifications. We will quote any brass, bronze or aluminum sand cast alloy.

At Richmond Industries, meeting customer requirements comes first. Upon completion of the tooling, we produce and evaluate samples to guarantee that the customer’s requirements have been met. Once sample approval is obtained from the customer, production is implemented. Richmond Industries, Inc. utilizes a disciplined system of process controls to ensure that production castings meet customer requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.

Raw Castings by Richmond Industries

Offshore Casting Services

Richmond Industries offers offshore casting services for customers seeking high volume, low cost investment castings, die castings, stamping, and forgings.

All of our offshore made castings are manufactured to the same high quality and precision as our domestic parts. In addition to high quality casted parts, Richmond can manage your needs for a broad array of value added services, including machining, painting, polishing, plating, assembly as well as provide tooling. Third party inspection is also available upon request.

With more than 40 years of metal casting experience, Richmond Industries can assist its customers in determining the best process and materials for their parts based on size, complexity, and volume.

Contact Richmond for more information about our offshore production partners or request a quote.