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Alloys We Pour

319 Aluminum
356 Aluminum
356-T6 Heat Treated Aluminum
C65500 Silicon Bronze
C83300 Bronze (131)
C83400 (90/10, 407.5)
C83450 Bronze (116)
C83600 Bronze (115)
C84400 Bronze (123)
C86200 Manganese Bronze (423)
C86300 Manganese Bronze (424)
C86500 Manganese Bronze (421)
C87300 Evedur (500)
C87500 Silicon Bronze (500C)
C87600 Silicon Bronze (500D)
C87800 Die Cast Silicon Brass
C87850 Eco Brass
C87851 Eco Brass

C89833 No Lead Bronze
C90200 Tin Bronze
C90300 Tin Bronze Navy G (225)
C90500 Tin Bronze (210)
C90700 Tin Bronze (205)
C91300 (194)
C92200 Navy M (245)
C95200 Aluminum Bronze (415-A)
C95400 Aluminum Bronze W/NI (415-C)
C95500 Aluminum Bronze (415-D)
C95600 Aluminum Bronze (415-E)
C95800 Nickel Aluminum Bronze (415)
C97600 Nickel Brz/Dairy Metal (412)
C99700 Nickel Bronze/White Brass
C81100 Copper

Richmond Industries products

Pressure Testing

Richmond Industries pressure testing

Richmond Industries is equipped with a pressure test area with the capabilities of air testing to 100 psi and water pressure testing up to 5,000 psi.  Upon request, Richmond will work with the customer to develop the method, test fixtures, pressure level and exposure time for testing casting integrity prior to shipment.

Pattern Shop

Richmond Industries maintains an in-house pattern alteration shop with the capabilities to mount patterns as well as add markings or modify runners, gating and risers to adjust for production anomalies and provide quick turnaround of any adjustments needed to achieve robust thru-put.

Raw Castings

Raw Castings by Richmond Industries

We can cast from ounces up to 2,000 lbs and a single piece up to thousands. Read more about our Casting Capabilities on our Casting Capabilities page.

Casting Capabilities

Machining Services

Richmond Industries Machining Services

Whether your needs are prototype work or long or short run production of parts, we are confident we can promise you top quality workmanship. Read more about our Machining Services on our Machining Services page.

Machining Services